MHS School Response

Updated: 3/15/2020

To our community,

This morning Governor Walz announced the closing of all schools in Minnesota for 8 days.
This closure was a Minnesota Government decision and was not done in response to any advisory from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the Minnesota Department of Health.

While this decision, on the part of the Governor, was likely made out of an abundance of caution for our children and community, the CDC has no data to support the effectiveness of school closure on the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The services we provide at MHS are necessary and important to the health of our clients and as there is no official implementation of formal social distancing we will implement that first stages of our plans which include informal distancing, disinfecting the clinic spaces, washing hands well, and staying home when we feel sick.

We here at MHS are remaining vigilant and are following all of the developments as our community and state work our way through this challenging time.

Please visit our webpage for further updates as the days and weeks go on.

The care team at MHS.

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