We begin with compassion

Our philosophy of care is manifested daily by our MHS people

Take back your life story


We want to hear your story, be it short, long, man-bites-dog, Tolstoy or Seuss. The one thing we know that all of our clients’ stories have in common—the ending is unwritten.

Science and a shoulder

Our caring hearts and professional passions drive our desire to work with you. Our science and research backgrounds provide the most effective tools for that work.

At MHS, we see you and we hear you. Yours is a unique experience and a singular voice. True, you will share common challenges and feelings with peers, but your way of being in the world is distinctively your own. DBT at MHS is not one-size fits all. Instead, each step of your journey through an MHS experience is carefully and thoughtfully custom-tailored for you.

  • Specializing in evidence–based DBT treatment
  • Providing hope and help for more than 18 years
  • Promoting a culture of well-being, where all are welcome


Highly coordinated care

Treating the whole person and knowing their whole story

At MHS, we are keenly aware that our services are not performed in a vacuum. We make every coordinated effort to inform and be informed by any other mental and/or physical healthcare professionals treating you. Awareness and understanding informs us how to best collaborate and complement all aspects of your well-being.


Let’s start your healing

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