We value sharing our knowledge and expertise

We offer a range of trainings that aim to provide support for others in the mental health community and beyond.

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At Mental Health Systems (MHS), we value sharing our knowledge and expertise. We operationalize this value by offering a range of trainings that aim to provide support for others in the mental health community and beyond.

Whether you are looking to learn more about our programming, develop a professional relationship, or bring a speaker into your organization for continuing education, we’ve got you covered. Read on to see examples of recent trainings we’ve done, both casual and formal.

Please fill out the form below or contact us at education@mhs-dbt.com to learn more about MHS trainings.

Lunch and learn

If you are looking for a more informal training, are interested in learning about the services we provide, or think that a collaboration with your organization would benefit clients and community, let’s set up a lunch and learn! We’ve met with schools, other health care providers, and mental health advocates both in-person and virtually to present on a range of topics. Recent examples include:

  • MHS Teen Programming and DBT Overview for Lakeville Area Schools
  • Overview of DBT for Adults for NAMI Mental Health Awareness Week
  • Teen DBT for NAMI Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month
  • Adolescent DBT Skills Teaching and Overview for St. Paul Schools
  • Supporting Teens with Safety Concerns for Chaska schools
  • Early Mental Illness Warning Signs for Delano Schools
  • Post-Pandemic Learning and Regulation for Delano Schools

Lunch and learn trainings are typically not pre-approved for CEUs, but MHS can provide documentation of content covered in lunch and learns for attendees to apply independently.

Continuing education credits

MHS also offers more formalized trainings with the potential for earning CEUs for a fee. These trainings typically dive deeper than a lunch and learn, can be conducted in-person or virtually, and can span from one hour to full day. Trainings cover a variety of topics, including:

  • DBT skills (mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and/or interpersonal effectiveness)
  • Psychoeducation on Borderline Personality Disorder and other diagnoses
  • Addressing suicidal ideation or self-harm
  • DBT interventions for substance use and chemical health
  • Trauma-informed cancer care
  • Techniques to motivate clients
  • Applying DBT to individual therapy
  • Addressing co-occurring chronic pain and mental health concerns
  • Supporting those who support our clients: Psychoeducation and support for family and friends

Our staff have a wide breadth of experience in age, population, and diagnoses. We are able to tailor trainings and presentations to each audience, and provide material where your interests overlap with our expertise.

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