Therapy for Healthcare Workers in the Twin Cities

“Heal thyself” is overrated. Mental health care resources for health care providers

Too many of our healthcare colleagues are experiencing...


To work in the healthcare field is a high-stress endeavor. You are composed, but your composure has been breached by distress. You are a professional who recognizes the need for professional support.

Welcome to Boost.

Confidential help for those in healing professions

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate, and those in medical, therapy, and other helping fields aren’t immune. With our DBT for health care professionals in the Twin Cities, you’ll find respite and learn skills, while you provide empathetic reassurance and relief to others (that’s your caregiver nature on display).

And importantly, this is a program for you, separate from your clients and patients.

We all need an emotional Boost

The “affix your oxygen mask first” is a cliche, yet it’s very true for healthcare professionals who spend their days helping others. Now it’s your turn to learn the DBT skills that will lessen the pressures of work and life. Let us give you a Boost.

Utilize Our Virtu-Clinic

If you’re looking to get therapy as a medical professional or healthcare worker but can’t make it into our physical MHS locations, we also offer therapy via our virtu-clinic. Learn more about this option today and get in touch with us to answer your questions.

The Boost you deserve

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