Sometimes it hurts being human

And, it’s a joy, a pleasure and a challenge. Simply put, it’s human to experience all the shades of life. At MHS, we’re devoted to helping you tip life’s balance to the positive, joyful side.

More on our approach

Our Programs

The core of our work is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).

We use these proven, evidence-based therapies with a focus on emotional and social issues that relate to mental health challenges.

We specialize in teaching you the skills to address what prevents you from experiencing peace, joy, and being present in your life.


DBT for Adults

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is highly effective for those experiencing a variety of emotional and social challenges.


DBT for Adolescents

Dialectical Behavior Therapy teaches young people the tools to overcome their emotional and social barriers.


Waypoint—DBT for Addictions

Waypoint helps people find a new route through and beyond the power of addiction.

Healthcare Providers

Boost—DBT for Healthcare Providers

Boost helps those who help others by addressing the pressures and demands felt by first responders and health care providers.

Chronic Pain

Thrive—Pain Management

Medical intervention only goes so far to control pain. Thrive provides the real skills needed to manage chronic pain.

Developmental Disorders

Horizons—DBT for Developmental Disorders

Horizons is specifically for adults with developmental disorders looking to improve their quality and their way of life.

Intensive CBT

Rethink—Intensive CBT

Our Rethink Cognitive Behavior Therapy program helps those with self-defeating thoughts and beliefs find a new outlook on life.

Psychotic Disorders

Vision—For Psychotic Disorders

Vision is designed to help those with psychotic disorders manage, control and enrich their mental health wellness.