Altering “behavior” in the best possible way

With compassion, empathy and undeniable therapeutic science

DBT is an emotion-focused treatment that balances an acceptance-based approach with change strategies taken from cognitive-behavior therapy (CBT).  In DBT, you’ll gain mindful awareness and effective skills to manage distress, regulate emotions, and improve your relationships.  Plus, you’ll be surrounded by people who’ve walked in your shoes and by compassionate and experienced therapists who know how to help.


DBT brings relief

For those experiencing intense emotions, unmanagable distress, and relationship difficulties. DBT is an evidence-based treatment that provides effective coping skills to manage depression, anxiety, and other emotion-based difficulties.

No smoke, no mirrors, no judgment

Yes answers, yes skills, yes care

At MHS, we’ll show you new, useful behaviors to replace the ones doing harm, or doing nothing helpful. These targeted skills balance emotions, create effective coping, improve relationships, and help you be mindful in the moment. In DBT, you’ll also learn to track your progress on a diary card discovering what’s behind these behaviors and how to change them with a powerful tool called behavior analysis.

When you attend a DBT program, you’ll find that, while it’s called a  “program,” our therapists are far from programmed. We see you and the uniqueness of your life, and we act according to your needs. We’re here to help you balance accepting, supporting, and validating you while also providing the motivation to make changes to simply feel better.

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