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Self Care

Woodbury Clinic

Adolescent DBT Parent Education Nights occur once a month at each of our clinic locations. Parents and caregivers of active clients enrolled in Adolescent DBT Program are welcome to attend.  Though consistent attendance is recommended, it is not required.  Please attend as you are able.  Education nights are for parents or caregivers only and are facilitated by MHS clinicians involved in Adolescent Programming. Each Education Night discusses a specific DBT-related topic.  These topics will vary month to month. Parents will also have opportunities to ask questions, problem solve difficult events involving their adolescent, seek feedback, and obtain support and validation from other accepting and understanding parents.  

To RSVP, please have your adolescent return the bottom portion of the Parent Education Night flyer to his/her program facilitator.  Space is limited, so RSVP as early as possible!  Our team looks forward to meeting you!



Self-Care: Learn skills to increase your own self-care. Self-care can help you to support and be present for your adolescent when he/she needs you, and is also an excellent way to model skill use for your adolescent.