Horizons DBT Program

DBT Program for Developmentally Disabled and Mentally Ill

  • DBT treatment presented at a basic level
  • Meets three times weekly
  • Treatment coordinated with other providers & professionals

Our Horizons Program offers modified DBT therapy and skills customized for developmentally-disabled/mentally-ill (DD/MI) clients and for clients in the borderline range of intelligence. The Horizons Program presents mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness at a basic level. Goals, objectives, and target behaviors are tracked with a program book that travels between all treatment providers including individual therapists, group homes, foster homes, and supportive work placements. Symptoms and safety are monitored at each group session, and progress is supported through positive reinforcement techniques. Length of treatment is variable based on medical necessity and goal attainment.

Horizons meets three times weekly and is currently offered at our Edina and Woodbury locations.  All programs are specifically designed to coordinate with outside care providers, to ensure a comprehensive mental health program for all individuals. Call us today to schedule an intake appointment at 952-835-2002.

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