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Thrive for Mental Health and Chronic Pain Management

Thrive is an intensive outpatient treatment program that helps people with co-occurring mental health disorders and chronic pain to effectively manage symptoms, improve functioning, and create fuller and more satisfying lives.

Program Details:

  • IOP program for mental health disorders and chronic pain
  • Meets twice weekly
  • Follows a CBT and DBT curriculum

Each day incorporates one session of cognitive-behavioral skills training, one session of self-monitoring and behavioral activation, and one session of therapy and problem-solving to generalize skills and improve functioning. Individuals with substance abuse or dependency issues can attend additional programming to specifically address those problems.

Individual therapy at MHS or with another therapist is a required component of the program, as is regular care coordination with medical, mental health, and other care providers.

Eligible clients must be at least 18 years of age and have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder and chronic pain. Clients must also meet level of care requirements and be able to attend and effectively participate in the program.

Thrive is outcome-based and uses the Outcome Referrals WellnessCheck® and the Behavioral Assessment of Pain-2® (BAP-2) to assess and monitor treatment.

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