Waypoint: Addiction Therapy in Roseville, MN

DBT for addiction recovery and mental health


Change your direction and put these landmarks behind you...


Our Waypoint program starts with compassion. We understand that you’re trapped in a raging battle with chemical dependency and mental health. Waypoint is a place to end the shame and suffering. Reimagine your life refreshed, and create the path to the future you deserve.

MHS Roseville - Walk With Us

Learn the skills to navigate a clear and better path forward. From the first tentative steps to long confident strides, we’re with you, guiding and supporting.

At Waypoint, we know that addiction is often an attempt to feel better and/or to distance yourself from difficult realizations. Unfortunately, these attempts only worsen the underlying mental health issues and the addiction itself. The Waypoint program breaks the cycle with real tools to self-regulate, feel truly better, and recover yourself for a brighter journey ahead.

Addiction Therapy On Your Schedule

Waypoint is not a pre-set, time-defined program. Your duration of treatment is driven solely by your needs and your progress. We know that you have likely been here before. “Here” being another organization, another program, another attempt at getting beyond the last attempt. We understand. We believe that we’re different, and we have the outcomes to prove it. Walk with us and see how far you can go.

Our Roseville Hours for Addiction Therapy Services

Reach us in Roseville during our business hours to start your journey to recovery with our Waypoint addiction program. To find additional information on our addiction services and frequently asked questions, simply get in touch with a member of our team today.

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