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MHS welcomes new practicum students and interns…our biggest training group yet!

Sep 8, 2015

MHS is proud to welcome our largest group of social work, counseling, and psychology practicum students and interns this fall. Committed to excellence in training, MHS is a member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) and has both new and longstanding relationships with Minnesota universities. While our goal is to provide a rich and diverse training environment for future therapy professionals, we find that practicum students and interns in turn enrich our therapists and improve our client services.

To explain, we have compiled the Top 5 Reasons Why Being a Training Center Improves Client Care:

1. Training brings increased energy and focus to providing top notch client care. With each fresh group of trainees all of our therapists recalibrate on what it meets to be a professional role model and mentor…making our therapists more effective!
2. Mentoring and supervising practicum students and interns keeps licensed therapists up-to-date with best practices and constantly growing in their occupation. Trainees have been taught the latest developments in therapy and come ready to ask questions and apply their knowledge. Our tenured therapists grow by meeting the challenges of developing the next generation of therapists.
3. Each new training cycle brings with it new growth and regeneration of MHS’ values and commitment to clients and excellence in programming. Training centers can never stagnate, but must constantly improve training and client services to stay relevant and effective. Many times our trainees have taken lead roles in developing new services and programs, such as our innovative Thrive Program.
4. Trainees add to our therapists’ job satisfaction and decrease burnout by providing energy and enrichment opportunities for our therapists. Happier therapists who enjoy their work can deliver more to our clients!
5. Practicum students and interns often become future MHS employees. Over 80% of our therapists have had training experiences with MHS, creating a therapeutic team centered on the same values and pulling in the same direction…the lifeblood of a strong organization.

MHS is grateful to embark on a new year of training with our practicum students and interns…the future of our field!