Meet the Team

Adaila Dixon, MA, LPC
Amy Gimbel, PsyD, LP- Thrive for Psychological Well-Being & Cancer Program Coordinator
Amy Dols, MA, LPCC, LADC, DBTC- Integrated Dual Disorder Program Coordinator 
Ashley Schultz Henricksen, MSW, LICSW
Ashley Winkelhake, MA, LPCC
Chris Malone, PsyD, LP
Chris Wachholz, PsyD, LP- Edina Clinic Lead
Cortney Sidwell Pederson, MSW, LICSW, DBTC
Courtney Lezanic, MSW, LICSW
Dean Charles, PsyD, LP- Roseville Clinic Lead & Adherent DBT Program Coordinator
Dennis Hannon, PsyD, LP 
Derek Otte, MSW, LGSW
Emily Tracy, MA
Eric Swanson, MA, LPCC

Erin Appel, MA, LPCC
Heather Anton, MA, LPCC- Plymouth Clinic Lead & Adolescent/Teen Program Coordinator  
Jenny Johnson, MA, LPCC
Joan Plaisance, MA, LPCC
Justin Allen, MSW, LGSW
Kelly Miklas
Kelsey McCarston, MSW, LICSW
Kendall Schreier, MA, LPCC

Korey Connor, PhD, LP
Krista Baysinger, MSW, LICSW

Kristin Kildahl, MA, LP  
Laura Accomando, PsyD, LP- Woodbury Clinic Lead & Aftercare Program Coordinator
Laura Groeneweg, MSW, LGSW
Laura Wagner, MA

Lauren Jasperson, MS, LPCC, LADC
Lauren Thorson, MA, LPCC
Lindsay Ramirez, MSW, LICSW
Maggie Graham, MSW, LGSW
Maria Luisa Ramirez, PhD, LP
Melissa Stricklin

Morgan Schwartz, PsyD, LP- Thrive for Psychological Well-Being & Chronic Pain Program Coordinator
Natalie Atchison, MSW, LGSW
Nicole Johnson

Nicole Sheppard, MA, LPCC
Nicole Hewer, MA, LPCC
Rebecca Bertram, PsyD, LP
Sam Anderson, MSW, LICSW
Steve Girardeau, PsyD, LP- Clinical Director
Taryn Ignaszewski, PsyD, LICSW, DBTC- Early Adolescent DBT Program Coordinator
Terry Poe, PsyD, LP
Virginia Suarez, MSW, LGSW
Wyatt Thomas, MSW, LGSW 

Referrals and Intakes


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