Meet Mark R. Carlson

One of our founders

Mark R. Carlson, PSY. D, LP

Dr. Mark Carlson, is the founder, President/CEO, and owner of Mental Health Systems, PC (MHS). MHS is one of the largest specialized clinics in the United States. He was the Vice-President of Dialectical Behavior Therapy National Certification and Accreditation Association (DBTNCAA) and owner of MRC Solutions providing training and consultation services.


Dr. Carlson has provided direct care, training, and clinical supervision to the care of over 6,000 clients with co-morbid disorders, and has provided training and consultation to therapists, teams, case-management agencies, hospitals, and mental health clinics. He has experience working with chronic pain and chronic conditions and has developed, contracted-for-funding, and managed multiple programs for diverse client issues. He currently consults to multiple school districts in Minnesota working with administration, staff, adolescents, and children.


CBT for Chronic Pain and Psychological Well-Being

The first clinical manual of evidence-based CBT skills for managing psychological issues associated with chronic pain, drawn from current approaches such as DBT, ACT, and motivational interviewing.

CBT for Psychological Well-Being in Cancer

CBT for Psychological Well-Being in Cancer is the first clinical manual to target psychological well-being in cancer by combining skill sets from DBT and other well-researched approaches, providing clinical material in a clear session-by-session structure organized by topic.