Meet the Team

Allie Hutchins, MA
Amy Gimbel, PsyD, LP
Ashley Schultz Henricksen, MSW, LGSW
Ashley Winkelhake, MA, LPCC 
Brittany Hamann, MA, LPCC, DBTC
Caroline Haut, MHP
Chris Malone, PsyD
Chris Wachholz, PsyD, LP
Cortney Sidwell Pederson, MSW, LICSW, DBTC
Courtney Lezanic, MSW, LGSW
Dean Charles, PsyD, LP
Dennis Hannon, PsyD
Eric Swanson, MA
Erin Appel, MA, LPCC
Heather Anton, MA, LPCC
Heather Trangsrud, PhD, LP  
Jaime Pieschke, PsyD
Jenny Johnson, MA, LPCC
Joan Plaisance, MA, LPC
Julia Fox, MA, LPCC
Kaila Verlarde, MA, LPC, LADC
Karley Jorgensen, MA
Katie Engh, MA, LPC
Kendall Schrieier, MA
Krista Baysinger, MSW, LGSW
Kristan Voss, MA, LPC
Kristin Kildahl, MA, LP  
Laura Accomando, PsyD, LP
Laura Groeneweg, MSW, LGSW
Lauren Holmes
Lauren Thorson, MA
Lexi Schmidt, PhD, LP
Maddie Asp, MSW, LGSW
Maria-Luiza Ramierz, PhD, LP
Megan Bona, PsyD, LP
Morgan Cusack, PsyD 
Nicole Sheppard, MA
Nicole Woodell
Nikki Gorman, MA 
Rebecca Bertram, PsyD
Sam Anderson, MSW, LGSW
Sarah Janzen, MSW, LICSW
Shannon Robinson, MA, LPC
Sheryl Cotton, MSW, LGSW  
Steve Girardeau, PsyD, LP
Taryn Ignaszewski, MSW, LICSW 
Terry Poe 

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