You are not a research subject

You are the beneficiary of highly researched results

At MHS, a clinical outcome is measured, most importantly, by the improvement you experience, the patient. While we see and treat one patient at a time, we are always scrutinizing our collective outcomes. These measurements let us know how we’re doing as an organization. Being evidence-based is more than citing research studies; it’s about making sure that what’s being researched works for you, in your setting. We measure and track all progress in order to enhance your experience.

Measuring up

MHS uses treatment outcome and satisfaction measurements to determine the effectiveness of our services on an individual basis. The data shows that our programs create clinically significant reductions in depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and hospitalizations along with, and leading to, improvements in life quality. And critically, our client satisfaction level ranks above the industry benchmarks. People like us.

Choosing a program is more than simply seeing “what” treatment is offered, it’s about having the confidence that all our treatments actually work where delivered. That’s the MHS difference.

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