Student Training

Lexi Schmidt, PhD, LP

Assessment Coordinator & Supervisor || Licensed Psychologist

University of Missouri-Columbia, 2015
Preferred Pronouns: she/her/ hers/herself

MHS Activities: I supervise and train interns in our assessment program and manage the logistical day-to-day aspects of the program as well. I have a caseload of individual therapy clients and facilitate the parent portion of our Early Adolescent DBT program at our Woodbury office.

Theoretical Orientation: I conceptualize my individual therapy and assessment clients through a biopsychosocial, multicultural lens and find that attachment theory is particularly helpful with many of the clients at MHS. In my clinical work, I draw from emotion-focused and schema therapy techniques as well as DBT strategies that will forever infiltrate everything I do.

Professional Interests: I love the balance of the investigative, information gathering and opportunity for person-centered, systemic work that the assessment process offers. In individual therapy, I work with clients who have experienced chronic trauma, mental health, and interpersonal issues (what we traditionally label as having personality disorders) and enjoy helping clients build their capacity to make change in their life and feel more in control of their emotions. I also attend national conferences and have achieved official psychologist nerd status by recently participating on a standard setting committee for the EPPP.

Supervision Model: I work from an integrative, developmental model in supervision that during the internship year focuses on helping interns move towards increased autonomy and refining their critical thinking and self-reflective practices as they begin to solidify their own professional identities. My supervision mirrors my theoretical orientation in that I often encourage supervisees to consider the bigger picture in clients’ lives, including cultural, societal, and other factors that influence clients’ behavior and development. I also emphasize the importance of gaining understanding of our own identities as clinicians and how this impacts our interactions and the way we think about clients.

Personal Interests: My favorite things to do in my down time are finding all the best burger places in the city, playing board games or video games with my other nerd friends, and pizza. Yes, pizza can totally be a hobby.

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