Thrive for Cancer

Cancer sucks. Take control of everything you can.

Thrive is an intensive outpatient treatment program that uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based interventions to help cancer patients.  Those diagnosed with cancer very naturally experience co-occurring mental health concerns, and a need to address those concerns.

We fight cancer on another front

Our clients learn to increase functioning, foster wellbeing and improve quality of life while enhancing relationships with providers and compliance with treatment routines.

Thriving beyond disease

This Thrive program meets twice weekly and deals with cognitive-behavioral skills training, self-monitoring and behavioral activation, therapy, and generalized problem-solving skills. We get busy making you better every possible way we can.

Part of a larger embrace

Individual therapy at MHS or with another therapist is a required component of the program, as is regular care coordination with medical, mental health, and other care providers. Our teams work effectively with all providers to establish the highest quality services and care coordination.

Make cancer suck less

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