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What are Eating Disorders and How Are They a Mental Health Concern?

Posted June 8, 2021

Eating disorders are mental health disorders and not just physical ailments.

  • Eating disorders involve unrealistic and unhealthy body image and relationship to food.
  • Anorexia is a type of eating disorder that includes an unhealthy perception of the body’s size and weight.
  • Bulimia is a kind of eating disorder characterized by binge eating and purging.

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How to Choose the Right Therapist

Posted June 8, 2021

The help of a qualified therapist can help make the stresses of difficult times and day-to-day life more bearable.

  • You want to identify a therapist with whom you are comfortable sharing your most private thoughts.
  • When looking for a therapist, consider the credentials of the professional.
  • The most important part of the decision is whether or not you can form a productive therapeutic relationship with the therapist.

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When to Seek Help

Posted May 14, 2021

Determining when to ask for help with mental health challenges can be difficult. However, it’s essential to get the assistance you need.

  • If thoughts, feelings, or behaviors interfere with your ability to function, you may need professional help.
  • A qualified professional can use research-based tools to reach a diagnosis.
  • Look for someone who understands your culture and the unique challenges you face.

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How to Stay Positive During Times of Crisis

Posted April 9, 2021







What You’ll Learn:

As you read about how to stay positive during times of crisis, you’ll learn:

  • Maintaining positive mental health amid a crisis can be difficult.
  • MHS DBT & Mental Health Services can help you learn skills to make the best of adversity.

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The Triggers of PTSD

Posted April 9, 2021

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health condition that occurs after a dangerous or painful event.
  • Most people who experience a traumatic event don’t develop PTSD, but those who do have significant challenges.
  • MHS DBT & Mental Health Services offers treatment services for those with PTSD triggers and symptoms.

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What is GRIT? – “Identification” – “Treatment”

Posted November 11, 2020

In our first article, we spoke about GRIT, which The National Council for Behavioral Health uses to describe the traits necessary to help children and youth with mental health challenges. GRIT stands for guts, resilience, identification, and treatment.

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What is GRIT? – “Guts” – “Resilience”

Posted November 11, 2020

Adolescence is a time of transition and self-discovery and often fraught with stress and anxiety, even under the best conditions. For teenagers living with mental health challenges, the process of becoming an adult can be even more challenging to navigate. Professionals who work with adolescents living with a mental health diagnosis need a particular set of skills. Continue reading

Mental Health Education

Posted October 13, 2020

While a mental health diagnosis poses some challenges, it doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a full life of learning, growing, and trying new things. Education is undoubtedly a part of that development process. Learning new things, especially in the classroom, gives you a chance to learn about new stuff alongside new people and teachers. Continue reading

8 TIPS to Help Clients Do Homework

Posted June 6, 2018

Dr. Lane P.: Hi, I’m Dr. Lane Pederson. One of the most common questions I get from participants in my seminars is, How do I get clients to do homework? In this short video, I’m going to share with you eight tips that I find to be very effective. Continue reading

At what moment does change happen, and how can clients notice it?

Posted April 17, 2017

Check out this Pain-and-Change1.pdf from CBT for Chronic Pain and Psychological Well-Being by MHS owner, Dr. Mark Carlson. Buy it on Amazon today! Many concepts from Dr. Carlson’s manual are used within the Thrive Program for Psychological Well-Being and Chronic Pain at MHS. Schedule an intake appointment for yourself or your client today!

CBT for Chronic Pain and Psychological Well-Being