Going public

We are part of our communities

At MHS, our compassion is not limited to our offices. We’re citizens of a larger community, and a purposeful part of the greater good. From volunteer hours and financial support to advocacy for important causes, we’re always looking to make a difference.

Community Support

St Mary’s scholarship

MHS provides an annual scholarship to the St. Mary’s College for students that are under-represented in the mental health provider ranks. There are two scholarships awarded each year and reports from the recipients clearly state how helpful it has been to them as they enter the profession.


Corporate Sponsorship of TOPSoccer Minnesota (The Outreach Program for Soccer)

This is a national soccer program for youth and adults with physical and cognitive challenges. TOPSoccer gives these athletes the opportunity to play a game, on a team, like so many of their siblings and friends.

We’re proud to be the Corporate Sponsor of TOPSoccer MN.

Volunteering in the community

MHS staff are all given work flexibility and a floating holiday to pursue their own volunteer interests in the community.  Examples of volunteering have been assisting with meeting the food needs of communities, collecting and distributing needed resources, and speaking to community groups about mental health (to educate and reduce stigma).



Sharing our knowledge and experience

Through local, regional, national, and even international presentations regarding the work we do.


MHS staff and leadership participate in local advocacy groups with the mission to better serve the needs of people of our region.  Some examples of this participation include membership in the Mental Health Legislative Network, professional association legislative and other committees, membership in the Minnesota Board of Behavioral Health, and leadership of a mental health focused Political Action Committee to name a few.

Uganda clinic

We are actively supporting the efforts of a former MHS practicum student in the creation of a much-needed mental health clinic in the Uganda capital city of Kampala.  We have provided both material as well as ongoing consultative support as she moves forward with this venture.

Creating better ways

MHS has in its DNA the drive to create new and better ways to serve the needs of our community.  To that end, each of our programs came to be because of a need in the community.  MHS continues on that path.

Additionally, we are looking for ways to participate in and influence the conversation about health care and health care reform.  This has most recently taken place in the form of a series of presentations to national leaders in Managed Care on the ways in which mental and behavioral health can play a pivotal role in creating better more effective health care systems.