Student Training

Steven Girardeau, PsyD, LP

Director of Clinical Services || Licensed Psychologist

University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis, MN

MHS Activities: As the director of clinical services, I direct clinical services.  Okay this really means I clinically supervise the leads staff of all MHS clinics.  Not in day to day operations, but rather in policy, procedure, philosophy and other macro practice concerns.  I either participate or lead in program development, policy, staffing and coordinate work between MHS and entities such as insurance companies, the Minnesota Department of Human Services, regulators and law makers.  No two days are alike which is what I like about the job. 

Theoretical Orientation: MHS of course uses DBT as an intervention, but my clinical orientation after all of these years is a combination of many schools of thought within psychology and philosophy.  I use CBT for interventions, but humanistic psychology in order to have the relationship necessary to support change.  My clinical work, which I still do some of to keep current and mindful of the challenges of the work, is informed in some way by the elements of most of the major schools of thought, the key is they resonated for me on a personal and professional manner.

Professional Interests: Policy on the clinic, local, state and national level interests me.  I can help one person at a time in an individual session.  If I help with policy work that helps more people have access to good quality healthcare I have used my skills in an exponential fashion.

Supervision Model:  I have often referred to therapists as being travel agents of change, in that we do not truly change anyone.  We have information vital to the journey (where, when, how and such) but the client actually makes the trip.  I view supervision in much the same manner, I meet the supervisee where they are, inquire as to where they want to go, and then work to help them map their journey, acquire their supplies and then support their travel.  One piece of feedback I have repeatedly received from past supervisees could be paraphrased “I came to you with lots of questions, looking for answers.  You asked me lots of questions, and I found my own answers.”  Unless I heard the following, “Sometimes I want you to just hand me the fish and not teach me how to fish!”

Personal Interests: Shockingly to many, I am a high introvert.  I have been my entire life.  Quiet contemplation, ideas, stories are how I recharge.  Time with family and friends (I include my dog and cat here).  I love my sailboat, though use it too rarely. I enjoy golf, as it teaches me acceptance.  

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