Student Training

Dennis Hannon, PsyD, LP

Clinical Supervisor - Licensed Psychologist

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL

Preferred Pronouns: he/his/him/himself


MHS Activities: I enjoy the assortment of roles I play at MHS. Predominantly, I work as a DBT group facilitator across multiple levels of care. When not in group, I also engage in program development opportunities in the integrated behavioral health wing at MHS, support clients in individual therapy, perform diagnostic assessments, supervise students, conduct trainings external to the agency, and act as the Program Lead for the Vision of Wellness program, our group for individuals living with thought disorders.

Theoretical Orientation: My theoretical orientation arises as an integration of humanistic-existential and functional-contextual philosophies that allows me to establish a relationship that is built on support and understanding. This synthesis of these philosophies naturally leads me to utilize DBT, ACT, and other “3rd wave CBTs” in my interventions. Beyond these foundations, I also find myself integrating systemic, attachment, and interpersonal interventions when beneficial to the client. 

Professional Interests: My professional interests are wide-ranging, and I am excited that my work at MHS allows me to delve into the depths into many of these interests. In particular, I am fascinated by the study of group dynamics, the mind-body connection (particularly related to trauma sequelae and chronic health issues), self-compassion and empowerment, 3rd wave CBT therapies, and the experience of psychosis. 

Supervision Model: My supervision model parallels my theoretical orientation, in that I believe each supervisee has the ability to access and utilize their inherent resources and abilities to provide a high quality of care. Through a humanistic and developmental approach, my goal is to meet supervisees where they are at, support them in identifying strengths and growth edges, and then assist in building autonomy and growth through the development of professional self-awareness. Examination of the supervisee’s perceptions, countertransference, and their role in the therapeutic relationship often take a central position in supervision to aid them in their support of their client.

Personal Interests: I have a passion for soccer and am an avid supporter of both local and European clubs. While I would love to think of myself as the next Leo Messi, my teammates in my rec soccer league would probably say differently. Beyond soccer, I enjoy hiking, traveling, exploring the cities’ restaurant scene, competing in trivia, and spending time with friends and family.

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