Student Training

Christopher Malone, PsyD, LP

Didactic Training Coordinator & Clinical Supervisor || Licensed Psychologist

Minnesota School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Twin Cities 2012
Preferred Pronouns: he/his/him/himself

MHS Activities: I wear a number of different hats at MHS, and so have many different activities I am involved with. I facilitate a three-day adult DBT group, a two-day Teen group, and the Didactic Training portion of the Doctoral Internship Program. I also supervise staff and students, conduct trainings both within the agency and in the community, assist in program development tasks, and conduct research on various outcomes measures employed at MHS.

Theoretical Orientation: My overarching philosophical orientation is that of existential phenomenology, emphasizing personal differences, context, meaning, and responsibility in how I view the world at large and the clients that I work with. In my practice, I utilize DBT skills training and philosophy to provide tools and structure for change, while also integrating CBT techniques along with Systems and Narrative approaches.

Professional Interests: I have a diverse range of professional interests and pursuits. I am a member of APA Division 45 (Society for the Study of Culture, Ethnicity, and Race) and Division 49 (Society of Group Psychology and Group Psychotherapy). My interests also include social psychology and the study of cultural differences in confidence, deception detection, and metacognition, as well as research on quality of life, perceptions of life-changing events, and values.

Supervision Model: I employ a developmental model in my supervision, looking to assess my supervisees to assist them in developing insight, skills, identity, and overall therapeutic ability. My style tends to be non-directive, making use of narrative process, roleplaying, and conceptualization to facilitate understanding of both supervisees and their clients. I focus on emotional and intuitive experiences of my supervisees, examining countertransference, bias, and insight to help develop the best care for the clients within my supervisees identity and ability.

Personal Interests: I am an avid gamer, preferring board, card, and tabletop games that emphasize strategy, story, and complex play. I currently serve as a playtester for a variety of different game companies, with credits in many products, and work as a freelance writer in the game industry as well. In addition to this, I compete in a number of trivia and puzzle competitions regionally each year. I also enjoy the outdoors and try to get out fishing and into the wilderness as much as I can. I also enjoy theater and enthusiastically participates as a patron of Minneapolis’ arts community.

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