Student Training

Chris Wachholz, PsyD, LP

Clinic Lead – Edina || Licensed Psychologist

Minnesota School of Professional Psychology, 2006
MHS team member since 2006
Preferred Pronouns: he/his/him/himself

MHS Activities: As the Clinic Lead for our largest clinic location, I oversee the day-to-day clinical operations for all staff and students in training. This includes client care, staff wellness and development, program development, team building, client census, client program placement, and so forth. I carry a small individual therapy caseload and enjoy covering group programming for team members who need to be absent.

Theoretical Orientation: My theoretical orientation in practice focuses on strategies from DBT, CBT, and Person-Centered. I particularly focus on cognitive functioning and tend to target cognitive distortions, assumptions, beliefs, and interpretations that interfere with client’s goal. When I conceptualize clients, I integrate a focus on developmental/systemic/evolutionary/diversity aspects to a client’s narrative and current functioning.

Professional Interests: My professional interests lie primarily on the development and growth of the staff and students, and the general management of the clinical team. In working with staff and students, I enjoy incorporating current research and science into our evidence-based practice.

Supervision Model: I lead with a Person-Centered supervision approach. I believe that clinicians in supervision have within them most of the necessary intuition, compassion, beneficence, and unconditional positive regard needed to provide quality care. Anyone I supervise comes to expect me to say. “What do you think?” I value the gatekeeping responsibility we hold as a training program and maintain very high standards for students in training so that each student develops the identity to confidently own their role as an eventual independent professional.

Personal Interests: One of my primary personal interests include being outside as much as possible. I find solace in the outdoors and use them as my primary recharging space. When I’m not spending time with my family, I try to catch the occasional movie or read up on whatever book I’m reading at the time

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