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Family and Support Education Night

Woodbury Clinic

Tonight's Topic: 

Introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

This session will provide introductory information regarding intensive DBT skill training program and individual therapy at MHS.  It will identify general components of DBT therapies and teach effective ways to support someone who is considering program, currently joining it, or already actively participating in DBT Program.  

About Family and Supporter Education Nights:

Family and Supporter Education Nights occur once monthly at each of our clinic locations. Family members and other individuals offering support to an active program member at MHS are welcome to attend. Though consistent attendance is recommended, it is not required. Please attend as you are able. Each Education Night discusses a specific DBT-related topic. These topics will vary month to month. Family members and supporters will have opportunities to ask questions, seek feedback, and obtain support and validation from other accepting and understanding supporters.

To RSVP, please have the program member, whom you support, return the bottom portion of the Family and Support Education Night flyer to his/her program facilitator. Space is limited, so RSVP as early as possible! Our team looks forward to meeting you!

Note: Individuals under age 16 will not be permitted to attend. Also, program members cannot attend these sessions.