Clinical Outcomes at MHS

MHS has specialized in DBT for the past decade with an emphasis on customizing clinical services to each individual. The combination of ongoing attention to clinical outcomes and individualized care makes for high-quality psychological services.

Client Satisfaction Above Industry Benchmarks and Effective Treatment Outcomes

MHS clients rate our quality of services and therapist skill level above industry benchmarks in client satisfaction. Our outcomes also show clinically significant improvement in depression, anxiety, and substance use and significant reductions in mental health-related hospitalization rates. A recent analysis demonstrated a 75% reduction in the annual number of days spent in the hospital for clients with a history of hospitalization.

Our clinical outcomes are tracked with a reliable, valid and comprehensive measure called the Treatment Outcome Package (TOP).  We use the TOP to understand clients’ unique areas of difficulty and to individualize each person’s treatment plan. We also use the TOP to track and monitor progress so that treatment stays responsive to changes.

Customizing treatment to individuals, monitoring progress, and adjusting treatment as needed are the essentials of evidence-based practice.

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